2010 doublehanded Shetland Round Britain and Ireland Yacht Race



The yacht 'Vandal', which was designed specifically for the Round Britain and Ireland Race, is now up to speed and seriously up for sale.

She has always sailed at the top end of the fleet, is very competitive and will help you contend races extremely keenly.

In the last three years she has clocked 10,000 miles and taken part in a number of serious races:

- the Round Britain and Ireland Race 2010 - 3rd in Class 2, 10th overall

- the 1000 mile double-handed Bergen Race race - 3rd overall (Bergen, Norway - Shetland - Bergen)

- the Cold-handed Cup series, Lelystad, Holland - 4th overall

- 50 mile double-handed race, Lelystad, Holland - 5th out of 126 entries.

'Vandal' has been campaigned from Shetland and due to living so far away she has never been measured properly for an IRC rating. We believe her current rating is too high (0.023) and her handicap would benefit from proper measurement.

View her specification sheet here and enjoy all the photos of this beautiful, neat boat that could be yours!

£75,000 + VAT


round Britain and Ireland race

14 April 2011 - Cold Handed Cup

Vandal completed two weekends of the Cold Handed Cup in Lelystad in the Nederlands on 5/6 March and 26/27 March 2011. 2nd place and 1st place over the first weekend and 2nd place and 3rd place over the second weekend put them in 4th place overall for the five weekend Cup. They now look forward to the 50 mile doublehanded race on 30 April also in Lelystad as a warm up for the 1000 mile doublehanded race which starts on the 16 June.


round Britain and Ireland race

30 March 2011 - what is in store for Vandal Ocean Racing .........

50 mile Doublehanded Race on 30 April 2011:

Lelystad, Nederlands

Leslie will race with Dick Koopman in Vandal in this Open Class race. See www.50mijl.nl for details.

1000 mile Doublehanded Race starting on the 16 June 2011:

Scheveningen - Bergen - Lerwick

Leslie has announced his entry in the 1000-Mile Doublehanded Race. Leslie lives and works in the Shetland Isles and Vandal is currently in the Netherlands, so Vandal will be sailing him home... In the 1st leg of the 1000-Mile naval designer Dick Koopmans (he designed the VQ32) will be his co-skipper, in the 2nd and 3rd leg Ewan Stirling from Shetland will join Leslie. See www.1000mile.org for details of this race.

500 mile qualifier:

Following the 1000mile, Leslie and Ewan will complete a 500 mile qualifier for the 2012 TwoSTAR by sailing from Shetland to Bergen and back in a figure of eight without landing in Norway.

Cowes Week from 6 - 13 August 2011:

Leslie and Ewan will be campaigning 'Velocity Girl', another VQ32, with her owner Richard Lett at Cowes Week.

Two handed Transatlantic Race, 3 June 2012:

The Royal Western Yacht Club are delighted to announce the relaunch of the Two Handed Transatlantic Race, which will start on Sunday 3rd June 2012 from Plymouth and finish in Newport, Rhode Island. The race, also sometimes known as TWOSTAR, will be open to boats between 27 and 60 ft and there will also be a separate class for Class 40ís. Leslie and Ewan will be on the start line with Vandal.

Archipelago Raid, August 2013:

Sweden - Take a bunch of small beach cats, each with a skipper and navigator, and set them off on a six day, 500 mile sailboat race without telling them exactly where they're going. Part sailing race, part orienteering rally, and part multi-day endurance test, one of the wildest and difficult sailing challenges in the world is known simply as the Archipelago Raid, and it takes place in one of the most picturesque venues the world has to offer. See www.archipelagoraid.com for this fascinating race in 18' catamarans that Leslie and Ewan aim to compete in.


round Britain and Ireland race


Leslie Irvine & Andrew Woods








28 October 2010

Leslie Irvine & Andrew Woods

"Thank you for helping us raise over £10,000 for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. We have handed over £10400. Marvellous!"

Thank you all very much.

Leslie Irvine & Andrew Wood

12 September 2010

£9430 - fantastic! Only £570 to go. Please help us reach our target by contacting Leslie on info@vandaloceanracing.com with your donation.


19 August 2010

Three Shetlanders (Andrew Halcrow, Jim Nicolson, Jim Fraser) joined Leslie for the final leg from Scalloway, around Muckle Flugga and down to Lerwick on 19 August. They had secured their berth by making a substantial donation to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research which is a huge boost to our current total.

12 July 2010 @ 2045



Streamline arrived in Scalloway on the west coast of Shetland in the early evening on Saturday. Home at last but still one last leg to complete the double circumnavigation. Leslie has decided to auction up to 3 berths on Streamline for this last leg to Lerwick, to include Foula and rounding Muckle Flugga. Any local sailor wishing to sail a boat like Streamline is asked to make a donation to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and the three highest donations will secure a berth on Streamline for the last leg (dates to be decided). So, contact Leslie on info@vandaloceanracing.com with your bid for a great sail on Streamline.

9 July 2010 @ 1600

Streamline left Tobermory at 1330 yesterday to round Ardnamurchan Point, obviously happy that the wind and swell had subsided enough to allow safe passage onwards towards Shetland. A brief stop in Kyle of Lochalsh for (another) curry before setting off for the final push for home. At 0830 this morning a text message said they were sailing in 10kn of wind with the spinnaker.


7 July 2010 @ 1200

Streamline arrived in Tobermory, Scotland at 1700 yesterday after a fast 21.5hr run from Bangor, Ireland. They set off into the tail end of a force 8 gale, gusting 40kn which slowly abated to a steady 24kn. They carried the tide through the Sound of Jura and ran up the Sound of Mull, picking up a mooring in Tobermory near the lifeboat. Once ashore it was curry and beers.

Streamline has had three fast runs from Newlyn, near Penzance to Rosslare in 28 hrs, on to Bangor in 24 hrs and on to Tobermory in 21.5 hrs - good sailing.

They are holed up in Tobermory until tomorrow evening while another gale passes through. Ardnamurchan Point is round the corner which is not a place to be in bad weather. The plan is to head out to Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides and then take a long run across to Shetland unless the weather is good, in which case they will just keep going, around Muckle Flugga and back to Lerwick - two complete circumnavigations.


5 July 2010 @ 2145

"We have a problem - the flapjack is finished. Eaten too much with the Dutch coffee. We left Rosslare at 1330 (on 4th), nice sunny day alls well" was the text from Streamline yesterday. So not too many problems then! The wind remained gusty but the gale receded and they have now had a 24hr stopover in Bangor.

They popped in to see John & Pat Driscoll who live outside Bangor but keep their yacht in Skeld in Shetland. It was good to see them and many thanks for feeding the boys and sending them on their way.

www.shipais.com now puts then just north of Larne making 6kn towards the North Channel. They are at the beginning of the north-going tide and hope to make it as far as Croabh Haven or Tobermory (if they don't miss the tide in the Sound of Luing) before another southerly F8 gale is due tomorrow evening. Rain is expected around 0100 tomorrow morning but for now they have a lovely flat calm evening broken only by the sound of their engine.


3 July 2010 @ 1730

"Irish Sea Gale force 8 soon" has persuaded Leslie to pop into Rosslare for tonight to let the wind pass through. They've had a pretty lumpy passage into the Irish Sea with an average of 13kn of wind. The plan is to take the first north-going tide tomorrow and head up to Bangor keeping in the lee of Ireland.

2 July 2010 @ 2300

"We're away in a peerie while" was the message from Leslie at 0900 this morning. Robbie Bruce and John Wallace from Orkney have arrived to join Streamline for the journey home. The weather forecast is not good so they will first head up the Irish Sea, bound for Bangor in Northern Ireland, where they expect to arrive sometime Sunday evening. The forecast is for SW 15 - 20kn rising to 27kn (top end of F6) as they pass Dublin - dramatically different conditions to the south coast. www.shipais.com put Streamline 20Nm north of the Longships Light off Lands End making 7.2kn in a NNE direction at 1830 this evening.


1 July 2010 @ 0830

Photos and videos now starting to come through. We will post them as we receive them.

The one above from Woody, taken on 29 June, "soaking wet and happy to have finished". Double celebrations - the end of the race and Leslie's XXth birthday.


30 June 2010 @ 0900

Streamline left Plymouth bound for Penzance at 1700 yesterday. Thanks to the crew of Comedy of Errors for providing a musical fanfare as Streamline left the marina! At 0144 www.shipais.com showed 'Vandal' (Streamline's registered name) to be due east of The Lizard making 7.1kn WSW. A mobile call this morning confirmed that they arrived in Newlyn at 0400.

The RB&I tracker still has them snugly in Plymouth. Unfortunately the Yellowbrick had to be returned but you can still follow their return journey to Shetland on www.shipais.com, searching for Vandal, not Streamline. Leslie will be leaving Penzance on Friday morning bound for the Scillies.

BBC SW have interviewed Leslie and Woody, interested in the links between Shetland and Cornwall. Streamline has been flying the Shetland flag (white cross on a blue ground) and the Cornish flag (white cross on a black ground). We will post the links to the interview video shortly.

Do continue to follow Streamline on the last quarter of her double circumnavigation - the story doesn't end here........

29 June 2010 @ 0830



Mobile phone call from a very tired Leslie this morning. The horn of the Royal Western Yacht Club finish line sounded as they crossed the finish line at 01:44:45 this morning under spinnaker in 10kn of wind and heavy rain. It felt good to have finished and relief that the last long few days were over. They have enjoyed the race and have been very pleased with Streamline's performance.

Since yesterday evening they had up to 14kn of wind and seemed to be perpetually sail changing from jib to Code 0 to spinnaker to jib and back to spinnaker. Streamline slowly pulled away from Vijaya around Start Point and crossed the finish line 2h 34m 46s ahead of them. Unfortunately not quite enough to stay ahead on handicap. Vijaya takes 2nd place to Elixir and Streamline takes 3rd by only 1h 13m after 2000 miles of racing! This last leg has been one of fickle winds and strong tidal gates which allows yachts behind to catch up with those who have been slowed up ahead. Everyone bunches up and benefits those with a lower handicap. We will have to wait for a few more finishers to finalise Streamline's position in the overall IRC.

The camaraderie of the race has been particularly strong. One man and a horn welcomed Streamline into Plymouth in the wee hours so Leslie and Woody stayed up until 4:19 to welcome Vijaya home and then both crews rapidly hit their bunks!

The plan is for Streamline to leave Plymouth today and head down to Penzance, Woody's home. Leslie's homeward bound crew are arriving from Orkney on Thursday evening when they will set sail again for Scilly, the west coast of Ireland, St Kilda and eventually arrive home in Shetland - two complete circumnavigations of Britain and Ireland later! You will still be able to track their progress on AIS - www.shipais.com - and possibly still on the race website tracker but we will confirm that shortly.

28 June 2010 @ 1845

We are so close to raising £5000 for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Please make it happen before Leslie and Woody arrive in Plymouth.

Mobile phone call from Leslie at 1715 with 30 Nm to go to the finish line. Woody was taking a nap and having a break from the constant sun. They are both feeling rather sunburnt. They hope to be headed soon and be able to head back in towards Start Point. Vijaya is in sight which is bad news really as she has made up her six hour deficit since Lowestoft and has a lower handicap than Streamline. The wind has been virtually non-existent and Leslie and Woody have reverted to rowing just to stem the tide at times. It apparently hasn't been as demoralising as the last time they rowed but there were a few moments when the tide was so strong that they were going backwards. Out of Lowestoft they were initially managing 9kn until the wind died and since then it has been a game of catching every available breath of wind.

Leslie is hoping to have sufficient wind to get past Start Point on this favourable tide which would mean a late night finish, otherwise it will be tomorrow morning before they see the finish line. They are currently bounding along (compared to recent speeds!) at 3.1kn just keeping their nose in front of Vijaya.

27 June 2010 @ 2230

You can feel the frustration from here! Leslie and Woody are doing 0.2kn against the tide in almost no wind with not much forescast for tomorrow either. The tracker shows that they have sailed well south of the rhumb line. Are they seeking wind or trying to dodge the adverse tide around Portland Bill? Meanwhile Fastrack VII and Rafiki appear to have anchored in the lee of Portland Bill and the tidal gate has caused this part of the fleet to bunch up.

We will see whether Streamline's decision to sail so far south pays off over night. It could be a defining moment in their race.


25 June 2010 @ 2100

At the start of the last leg Streamline are lying 2nd in Class 2 and 11th overall out of 35 yachts. Elixir continues to be elusive and is now some 20 hours ahead of Streamline on corrected time based on her handicap while Greyhound is 2 hours 48 minutes behind. Vijaya has fallen to 6 hours behind Streamline after leg 4 when there was only a 30 minute difference in Lerwick. The other two VQ32's fell foul of wind and tide in the last leg so Streamline is lying 19 hours ahead of Home of Jazz. Richard House Hospice crept into Lowestoft just as Streamline was leaving. The mission for this last leg therefore is to stay ahead of Greyhound on corrected time, who crossed the start line 2 hours 22 minutes before them. Chase them down boys!

48 hours in Lowestoft with very few jobs to do on the boat has given Leslie and Woody a relaxing break. Two full nights sleep with Leslie even sleeping in this morning after Woody. The stanchion that was bent in Lerwick harbour during the strong winds has been mended - water was dripping down the back of the cooker for the last leg but it was easy to contain and not serious.They've had time to talk to the other crews, have some decent food other than the freeze dried meals they are living off during the race. They arrived in Lowestoft with a litre of drinking water left on board. "That was close" said Leslie; " One litre too much weight on board" said Woody! Last night was Happy Hour in The Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club and both Leslie and Woody have made appearances on the main race website in the bar - see the photos on the right. This afternoon was spent studying their weather routing software and preparing for departure - over the line at 19:16:25 exactly!

There has also been time to study the web statistics. There is an average of 108 of you following Leslie and Woody every day so far through this website. They are absolutely delighted with this amount of support and want to thank you all. They desperately want to reach their £10000 target for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and so really need your help. If you or anyone you can persuade can donate even £5 online through www.justgiving.com/vandaloceanracing or just drop an envelope with a donation into Lerwick Building Centre (assuming you are in Shetland!), they would be so grateful.

Streamline is currently 12 miles south of Lowestoft travelling at 6.8 kn before a NE wind. The shifting sandbanks of the Thames estuary may keep them awake tonight.

The finish of the Class 40 yachts in Plymouth was a gripping tactical battle with Solo coming from behind to take the lead from Sungard Arena in the last few hours. Congratulations to Solo. The race is far from over though with the class prizes and overall IRC still up for grabs.


24 June 2010 @ 1100

Streamline crossed the line at the end of the fourth leg of the Round Britain and Ireland Race at 19:16:25 yesterday evening. Congratulations again boys, still 2nd in Class 2 and leading the three VQ32's, although we wait with baited breath for Vijaya to declare. We took a trip to catch up with Leslie and Woody and hear some of the previously untold stories of their race so far. Streamline motored into Lowestoft harbour looking very shipshape, tidy and clean. Leslie and Woody were very upbeat and looked to have had a decent amount of sleep on this leg with no breakages. After such a busy stop-over in Lerwick, where Leslie bemoaned the fact that they didn't even have time for one drink in the Lerwick Boating Club, what will they do in Lowestoft for two days? Woody was pleased that they had finished this leg at a decent hour of the day and not in the middle of the night again - this means two entire nights sleep - luxury!

The winds had fallen very light once past Orkney and it was a tactical race, their weather software proving invaluable. Two yachts went way out east to find stronger winds with the majority following the rhumb line except when tacking in the southerly winds. Sitting having supper at The Royal Norkfolk & Suffolk Yacaht Club, overlooking the marina, the wind virtually died to nothing which will have had a significant effect on the times of the yachts still out there.

We heard that they had to row nearly all the way to Barra Head and the blisters on Leslie's hands were testamant as to how hard this was. Streamline has specialised rowlocks on each quarter so they can sit on either side of the cockpit and achieve 2.5kn in smooth water. They overtook at least one yacht this way.

The journey around Muckle Flugga (or Muckle Fluffa as one Dutch yacht calls it!) was exhilerating under spinnaker, giving Out Stack a wide berth. Once past, they gibed under the stern of another yacht, raised the gennaker and flew! In rising wind the trip to Lerwick took a mere 6 hours! In the lee of Out Skerries, Streamline increased her speed even more in the calmer water.

Once in Lerwick it took the entire two days to get Streamline back to fighting fitness. When Leslie visited Tommie Duncan in the sailloft there were 35 sails stacked on the table so leg 3 had obviously taken its toll and Tommie was busy 24 hours a day to send everyone on their way with servicable sails. Well done Tommie - great service - many teams will be very grateful to you.

The camaraderie amongst the competitors was very evident in Lowestoft as Leslie and Woody were given a very warm welcome from other competitors and were obviously pleased to meet up with them all again. The light winds have split the fleet over many days. The fast Class 40's and Mulithulls are nearly back in Plymouth while some of the Class 4's have just left Lowestoft - no wonder the Prize-giving is held in October!


23 June 2010 @ 0040

The last three days have seen Streamline work her way steadily, if somewhat slowly, down the east coast of Britain, sticking close to the rhumb line between Lerwick and Lowestoft. They started running before northerly winds which fell light and have now moved to the south. As they approach Lowestoft in the early hours of this morning, the wind will slowly turn to the west and north west which should allow them to sail a little faster. We look forward to welcoming them into Lowestoft. They are currently about 75Nm north of Lowestoft. ETA is lunchtime today.


WATCH THE WEATHER - www.magicseaweed.com - click on 'Latest Wind Strength' to see an animation of the wind strength and direction over the next 7 days.

If you would like to contact us, please email: info@vandaloceanracing.com and we will receive your message.


20 June 2010 @ 1400

Streamline led the VQ32s out of Lerwick at 01:51 this morning at the start of their leg 4 of The Round Britain and Ireland Race. It was flat calm in Lerwick harbour as the winds have abated but the seas would still be rough out at Bressay light and off Sumburgh. Everything aboard Streamline had been fixed in Lerwick. The boys were still tired but managed some sleep before leaving. They are currently just west of the rhumb line between Lerwick and Lowestoft travelling at 7.9kn before a gentle NNW wind which is expected to remain light for most of this leg.


19 June 2010 @ 1400

Streamline is lying 2nd in Class 2 and 11th overall at the beginning of leg 4. They need to make up 7hrs 11 mins on Elixir for 1st place and stay ahead of Vijaya who is 30 mins behind them in 3rd. 2hrs 17mins separates them from the other VQ32s 'Home of Jazz' in 4th and 'Richard House Hospice' in 5th who is only 11 mins behind 'Home of Jazz'. All to play for as they head south, being so close after 3 legs of this race.

There has been no play time in Lerwick for Leslie and Woody although, being at home, they did manage some decent sleep last night. Arriving in the Albert Dock, which had become a lee shore in the strong northerly winds, they suffered some stanchion damage so moved up to Gremista Marina for a bit of peace.

Huge thanks go to the Streamline Shipping Group who have been fantastic. They collected a new mainsheet car from Hampshire, took it to the airport and flew it to Lerwick where it arrived this morning. This will allow Streamline to leave Lerwick fighting fit for the next leg.

The replacement carbon bowsprit was transported to Shetland from Barra aboard 'Wolfie's Toy' so it arrived in good time for new fittings to be attached. Again, many thanks to 'Wolfie's Toy', John Henderson at Ocean Kinetics and Fred Gibson at Shetland Composites, all who have pulled out the stops exactly when needed.

Woody is now in Leslie's garage putting the finishing touches to some sail repairs and they will soon be ready for the off at 01:50:30 tomorrow morning.

We wish them well for the next long leg down to Lowestoft. These strong winds are due to abate and then the problem could be calms.


18 June 2010 @ 1400

Streamline crossed the finish line of leg 3 of The Round Britain and Ireland Race at 01:50:30 this morning bringin their time at sea in the race to 7 days, 13 hours, 35 minutes and 30 seconds. Based on their time corrected for handicap, they retain 2nd place in Class 2. Overall place will not be known until more yachts declare in Lerwick.

Streamline is tucked away in Gremista Marina, away from the busy Albert Dock which is a lee shore in these northerly winds.

Leslie and Woody report being "absolutely exhausted" after this leg.

They encountered thick fog out at St Kilda, only being to see the breaking sea on the base of the west coast of Soay.

The race to round Muckle Flugga before the strong northerly winds set in and the sail down the eastern side of Shetland were testing. "120 degress off the wind, flying the gennaker in 35kn wind, doing 11.5kn, we were only making 4.5kn over the ground against the beginning of the foul tide at Muckle Flugga", says Leslie. They held fast speeds, which require a lot of concentration, down to the south of Bressay when, during some near broaches, the mainsheet car hammered against the end of the track and flew apart, ball bearings everywhere! A mile from the finish line, they made a temporary lashing to the track, losing only 10 minutes to this unlucky breakage.

Sleep is low on the priority list as Streamline needs some TLC. The carbon bowsprit needs a bit more attention and a jib needs a sailmaker and, of course, a new mainsheet car is needed. 48 hours passes very quickly. More later ......

17 June 2010 @ 2000

Muckle Flugga and Skaw are now behind them and Streamline is powering her way down the east coast of Shetland in a fair bit of wind. Raewyn had a call about 15 minutes ago with an ETA in Lerwick of around 0300 - they do like arriving in harbour in the middle of the night! Leslie and Woody were upbeat and the lure of home for Leslie was strong. Sail changes were about to take place as they try to shake Richard House Hospice from their tail. Out Skerries and Noss have to be left to starboard and Lerwick Harbour has to be entered through the Sooth Mooth.


16 June 2010 @ 2330

Leslie and Woody are half way on the long haul from St Kilda to Muckle Flugga. At 2330 they were making 7.3kn amongst the front runners of a group of yachts who will be racing hard through the night in front of moderate SW winds. As we approach mid-summer solstice there will be hardly any darkness at these latitudes. The key question is whether they will round Muckle Flugga before the winds turn to the north tomorrow evening. If they can make it round the northernmost point of Britain before the wind shift, life will be a lot easier than beating up the west coast of Shetland in rising wind strength. The tracker shows some of the yachts, including Streamline, moving north of the rhumb line in preparation for this wind shift. There will be some important strategic decisions in the next few hours.


15 June 2010 2300

Apologies for the lack of new photos and video - the internet connection in Barra was too slow to upload video and photos from leg 2. We will catch up with this when Streamline arrives in Lerwick. Mobile phone coverage was very patchy too so Leslie was feeding a coin-operated machine which meant updates were brief.

The route from Barra was south around Berneray at the southern tip of the Outer Hebrides and then NW around Soay, the westernmost island of the St Kilda group. Boats are reporting a distinct lack of birds on the cliffs there compared to the previous race when the cliffs were teeming with gannets and puffins. An RSPB warden has given an explanation on the race blog which makes for interesting reading.

At this time, the tracker shows that Streamline has rounded St Kilda on the tail of Greyhound and is now heading 040 degrees at 6.6kn before a WSW wind.


14 June 2010 2245

Streamline is now race ready again with a new bowsprit, masthead work done to prevent the jib halyard heading up the mast agian and fittings attached to the spare spinnaker pole. Her home port of Lerwick beckons which is sure to increase her speed. She will be over the start line at exactly 02:39:59 in the morning, chasing down Elixir as they head out westwards to leave St Kilda to starboard. Muckle Flugga must also be left to starboard on this leg. On arrival in Lerwick, Streamline will have circumnavigated Britain and Ireland once - only once more to go!

After leg 2 Streamline lies in 2nd place in Class 2 and 11th place overall. She is also 1st out of the three VQ32's. Well done Leslie & Woody. Go for it in the next leg and we look forward to tracking your progress once again.


13 June 2010 @1430

Streamline arrived in Barra in the early hours of this morning at 02:39:59 after 4 days, 14 hours, 24 minutes, 59 seconds at sea, completing a tough second leg of the Round Britain and Ireland Race 2010. Congratulations. When asked how it had been, the reply was "not too bad, just wet".

A brief summary of the leg for now, more later with some photos; on the 10th June at 0300 Leslie's text read "3am just broke the bow sprit off in a 32kt gust bugger"! Wind speeds were around 20kn but a larger gust exerted a sideways force on the bow sprit which gave way. A call to Stuart in Aberdeen and a new bow sprit was on the way to Barra with the Race Officials - huge thanks to all those who have helped. The next incident was the jib halyard up the mast and an attempt to retrieve it - more later. A 3 hr calm on Saturday morning meant low speeds of 1.5kn - frustrating. Then, without warning, 9Nm out of Barra, the spinnaker pole flew apart "like weetabix", says Leslie, so they flew the spinnaker at 9kn with no pole and just hung on! With no mooring space, Streamline had to anchor over near the Vatersay causeway. When asked if they'd manage to catch up on any sleep since arriving, Leslie replied "we only have a little aluminium anchor which isn't conducive to good sleep. Give me two 60lb anchors and then I'll sleep well."

Barra has two live webcams where you can see the harbour. Streamline motored straight past while we were checking them out! Look at www.castlebay-hotel.co.uk/castlebay-webcam.html and www.barraweather.com/webcam.php


11 June 2010 @ 2200

No news from the boys but the tracker puts Streamline off NW Ireland, having maintained speeds of between 6 & 7kn up the west coast. Check out the race website to read the latest news about some of the other yachts.

10 June 2010 @ 0900

The race now has a brand new website which is much easier to use - www.rbandi.com - many thanks to YellowBrick.

Streamline is 4Nm south of Dursey Island, travelling at 9.1kn, heading for the SW corner of Ireland. Leslie reported gusts of 32 knots (F7) at 0300. They remain ahead of the other two VQ32's, with whom they are having their own private race, and are chasing the leading Class 2 yacht, Elixir.

Leslie Irvine & Andrew Woods

9 June 2010 @ 2100

A new video is just in from on board at the start of leg 1.

Streamline will leave the pontoon at 0000 to head out for the start line for leg 2. "We will be over the line at exactly 00:47:56", says Leslie "All we have to do now is put our thermals on and tidy up down below". This leg from Kinsale to Barra around the west coast of Ireland should take about 3 days.


9 June 2010 @ 1700

Woody has sent a link to an interview with BBC Radio Cornwall before the start - listen here - you'll need to scroll half way down the article.

They are experiencing thunder and lightning in Kinsale right now, hoping it passes through before the start of leg 2. There is a 48 hour obligatory stop-over in each port, so they are allowed to set sail after 00:47:56 tomorrow morning! It looks like it'll be strong beating conditions into northerly winds up the west coast of Ireland which Leslie and Woody excel at. Good luck from all of us.

9 June 2010 @ 0900

The results are out - Streamline lies 2nd in Class 2 with a corrected time of 1day 13 hours 38minutes 43seconds from Plymouth to Kinsale. That puts them 10th overall. Well done boys. Good onboard photo from the start and alongside in Kinsale.


Alongside in Kinsale

8 June 2010 @ 1130

Leslie and Woody arrived in Kinsale, Southern Ireland on Streamline at 00:47:56 this morning, completing the first leg of the Shetland Round Britain and Ireland Race. They had a good start, accompanied alongside by the BBC SW film unit rib, and progressively worked their way through the Class 2 fleet. 0630 yesterday saw them rounding Bishop Rock and hoisting the spinnaker which they flew the rest of the way to Ireland in 22 - 32kn of wind. The wind died near the Irish coast and they ghosted along for an hour or so until, with 300m to the finish, they decided to row! We will post their position after the first leg as soon as it is announced. 5 hours of well-earned sleep has set them up for two days of general clearing up and more preparations, including close scrutiny of the weather, for the next leg to Barra in the Outer Hebrides. View BBC photos here.

Plymouth startline

7 June 2010 @ 2200

The RWYC website tracker is proving the best way to follow progress in the race. The Race Management blog is good too - use the web links above. At 2200, Leslie & Woody were about 12Nm SE of Kinsale travelling at 5.1 kn. It looks like a midnight arrival. We look forward to hearing more from them tomorrow.

Queen Anne's Battery, Plymouth

6 June 2010 @ 2100

STREAMLINE OVER THE START LINE - the race begins! 56 yachts crossed the start line at 1200 today. At 1954, ShipAIS and the RWYC tracker had 'Streamline' 5Nm SE of the Lizard doing 6.1kn in a SW direction. The AIS is obviously working well which will allow you all to follow their progress whenever you go online - just use the web links above.

Plymouth breakwater

5 June 2010


After all the hard work, Streamline is ready for the start. Last minute preparations are complete and Leslie and Woody are looking forward to leaving the land behind and going sailing! We wish them a good start and fair winds.

Before the start

27 May 2010


Today we reached 25% of our £10000 target for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. This means a lot to us - a big thank you to all who have donated online so far or pledged some money on our sponsor forms. If you have not yet done so, please consider giving generously yourself or persuade others to do so. We are determined to do all we can to ensure we reach our big target.

round Britain and Ireland race

9 May 2010


Streamline clocked 17.75kn along the south coast during a very fast trip from Dover to Falmouth. Leslie was on deck with Woody trying to sleep - a near impossibility at that speed. Streamline will now remain on a mooring in Falmouth harbour until the start of the race on 6th June while Leslie returns to Shetland and Woody to Cornwall.

Maximum speed of 17.75kn!

7 May 2010


The northerly winds have given Leslie & Woody a fast run down the east coast of Britain. The AIS had them off Dover at 1300 today after a 3 hour stop to re-fuel both Streamline and stores. They have had a lumpy cold night off Lowestoft and Leslie's main problem was cold toes in his sleeping bag! The days, however, have been getting warmer as they sail south and the water temperature is now 2.5° warmer than in Shetland. They are on track to arrive in Falmouth on Saturday.

5 May 2010


The wind direction couldn't be better; the temperature certainly could! Arctic air is driving Streamline south - slowly - as light winds are experienced off the Firth of Forth.

round Britain and Ireland race

3 May 2010


A steady stream of people came to visit Streamline alongside in Aberdeen Harbour. Many thanks to Streamline Shipping Group for helping out in numerous ways and to everyone who has donated to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research to date - we have raised 15% of our £10000 target so far. We leave Aberdeen tomorrow for Falmouth and will be at sea for a few days so do follow us on www.shipais.com

round Britain and Ireland race

3 May 2010


Streamline will be alongside Commercial Quay and open to visitors all day today. We look forward to seeing you.

As we are in Aberdeen to raise the profile of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, we will have sponsor forms and a collecting tin on board.


1 May 2010


Family and friends gave Leslie and Woody a warm send off from Gremista Marina yesterday. Coastguard helicopter 'Oscar Charlie' accompanied Streamline out of Lerwick Harbour, filming their departure from the sky.

25hrs from Lerwick to Aberdeen in front of chilly northerly winds. Great downwind sailing. Good to be underway. All systems working well.

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30 April 2010


"Irvine gets ready for Round Britain Race"

When Leslie Irvine takes part in the Shetland Round Britain and Ireland Race this summer he will end up circumnavigating the country not once, but twice.

Read the full press release here or see the original article here.

round Britain and Ireland race

30 April 2010


Mark and Lou from Tay-CAD paid a visit to Streamline before the off to see how their vinyls looked on her hull. Many thanks to them for their sponsorship. We think the vinyls look fantastic.

29 April 2010


Back in the water again today and a few trips up the mast for Woody.

A weather window should allow Streamline to leave Lerwick for Aberdeen on Saturday. She is due to arrive in Aberdeen Harbour sometime on Sunday and we would love to see as many people as possible there.

28 April 2010


Andrew Wood arrived in Shetland last Sunday for a week of intensive fitting out. After a bracing sail, Streamline was gutted and then totally re-wired. All the navigation equipment and the Automatic Identification System were fitted and tested. Today she was lifted out in a near gale and took shelter behind the ice factory in Lerwick Harbour for a wash and for the rest of her transfers to be applied.

7 March 2010


Ewan Stirling and Leslie took Streamline out for a cold blast today to test out her new sails. The snow is finally retreating but the temperature remains low. The spinnaker, resplendent with the logo, should be here next weekend. Many thanks to Ewan who has been a huge help to Leslie over the winter.

1 March 2010


Shetland remains in the grip of an icy winter. The surface of the sea has frozen as far out as the breakwater and the seals have to break through for air. The mast has been stepped and we wait for the sails to be delivered from the sailmakers next week but it's not great weather for sailing......

12 February 2010


"Irvine in good company as yacht race attracts 50 hopeful skippers

Fifty yachts have entered this yearís Shetland Round Britain & Ireland Race, sponsored by Shetland Islands Council, one of the largest fleets for many years. Local interest will mainly centre on Lerwick businessman Leslie Irvine, who will be sailing the Streamline, sponsored by the company of the same name, with co-skipper Andrew Wood from Penzance."

Read the full press release here.

22 January 2010


'James Roberts, Director and Phil Bremner, Operatons Director of Streamline Shipping Group visited Lerwick today to see the progress that had been made with 'Streamline'. Leslie was pleased to be able to show them the work carried out over the winter.

round britain and ireland

20 January 2010


'Streamline' came out of the shed today after her winter refit looking fantastic and sporting her vinyls. She is now waiting for good weather to step the mast.

round britain and ireland


7 January 2010


'Streamline' came out of the water and into the shed in Gremista Marina, Lerwick on 14 November. Leslie and Tammie Duncan have been working in freezing conditions sanding and smoothing the keel, re-positioning deck gear, fitting grab rails on deck and down below and applying a new coat of non-slip to the deck. The freezing conditions mean that glues are not going off quickly and fingers are working slowly. The bow sprit is still to go on. The carbon oars and roller gear for the Code Zero should be here soon. The vinyls will be applied to the hull in mid-January and the race sails should be ready in Holland by the end of January. The spinnaker has already gone off to Wet & Wild to have the Streamline logo applied ready for the RB&I race. Many thanks to Tammie for all his help, advice and hard work.

round Britain and Ireland race

27 October 2009


Many thanks to Streamline Shipping Group who come onboard as lead sponsor in difficult economic times. 'Vandal' will be renamed 'Streamline' during the 2010 Round Britain and Ireland race in recognition of this generous partnership and company name and logo will be applied as vinyls on the hull. Read the press release here.

round Britain and Ireland race


14th June 2009


Scheveningen, Holland - Bergen, Norway - Lerwick, Shetland

Leslie and Andrew set off in this most challenging race of the northernmost North Sea. This rugged competition combines long-distance sailing with serious competitive racing. Sharing 1st place after the two legs to Bergen and Lerwick, Vandal turned round and headed back to Shetland during leg 3 due to light winds and time restrictions, settling for 2nd place overall.

round Britain and Ireland race

Saturday 7th March 2009


After completing the rigging and preparing the boat, Vandal has sailed her first miles today. She will go to Lelystad to complete all the installations. Leslie will have a lot of work to do on the boat before Vandal leaves for Lewick early this summer.

round Britain and Ireland race

February 2009


Shetland graphic designers and printers, Tay-CAD, will be supplying the vinyls for 'Streamline'. www.tay-cad.com

round Britain and Ireland race

February 2009


Zwaan Sails of Lelystad, Holland, will make all the sails for 'Streamline'. www.zwaansails.nl

round Britain and Ireland race

January 2009


Musto came onboard by offering us a great deal on all our clothing for the Round Britain and Ireland race, for which we are very grateful. www.musto.com

round Britain and Ireland race


Saturday 10th November 2007


The building of the third VQ32 has started and immediately it is going full speed ahead. The building frames for both the hull and the deck were placed last week. The building of the hull in corecell is almost finished. In the picture you can see that the hull is much smoother than the first boat, by using smaller seized foam strokes at the curves of the hull. This will surely save a lot of filler. It is good to see that improvements can be realised immediately.

round Britain and Ireland race
'Vandal' has been renamed 'Streamline' for the race, in recognition of sponsorship by Streamline Shipping, so lookout for 'Streamline' when viewing the official race website - www.rwyc.org/RBI  

We are not just circumnavigating Britain and Ireland once during the race, but TWICE in order to take 'Streamline' to the start and back home to Shetland after the race. This should enable us to raise even more money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.




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